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Flavor-Base 10................ .. Juice-Master 2011
Beverage-Master 2011
VCF 2000 - Volatile Compounds in Foods
ESO 2006 - Essential oils
PMP 2001 - Perfumery Materials
PFC - Perfume & Fragrance Classification
FRM 2001 - Flavor Raw Materials
Odour Thresholds
************FEATURED NEWS***********

Flavor-Base - 10th Edition is Here NEW - A new version to the world's most extensive database on flavoring materials and food additives - Click HERE

Beverage-Master 2011 - NEW - A new version with enhanced features for Excel 2007 & 2010. The world's leading program for beverage development.

Juice-Master 2011 - NEW - A new version with enhanced features for Excel 2007 & 2010. The leading program for development of juice containing beverages.

Flavor & Fragrance Industry Leaders - See the Top Ten and their Sales Volume. View charts on market segments.
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Download Flavor-Base 10 Demo
 Download "Beverage-Master 2011" Demo for Excel
 Download "Juice-Master 2011" Demo for Exce
 Download "VCF 2000 - Volatile Compounds in Foods" Demo
Download FRM 2001 - Flavor Raw Materials Demo
Download ESO 2006 - Essential oils Demo
Download PMP 2001 - Perfumery Materials Demo
Special Features on this Site
  Olfaction - A Review in Progress
  Odor and Flavor Detection Thresholds
  Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Search Page
  Search PubMed .... from our site
  Lycopene - An Ultimate Phytochemical Nutraceutical?
  Carotenoid Precursors of Aroma Constituents 
  Boronia - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Saffron - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Rose - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Osmanthus - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Tobacco - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Aldehydes - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  Alkenols: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  Burnt Sugar Notes: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  delta-Lactones - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  Esters - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  gamma-Lactones - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  Pyrazines - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  GC-MS analysis of hardwood smoke flavor.
  GC-MS analysis of Dark Fire-cured Tobacco

Visit Perfumer's World and download the Perfumer's Workbook (free) to see the future of computing in formulation creativity.





  Olfaction - A Review
Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Search Page .. from our site
 Search PubMed ... from our site

Food Science / Law
Molecular Visualization...
...Herbs & Botanicals
Flavor & Fragrance
****** Featured Sites of the Month******

Art & Olfaction

Olfaction - A Review

Balance Me Beautiful - Essential Oils Information & Shopping

Aroma Foundry Essential Oils - 100% Pure and All-Natural

FRAGRANCEOSO - Fragrance, Aromatherapy,
Skin Care, Soap, Makeup and More

Thracian Oils 100% pure Wholesale essential oils from Bulgaria
suitable for the aroma therapy, health and beauty industries.

Bulk Apothecary - leading suppliers of Essential Oils,
Soap & Candle Making Supplies and Specialty Ingredients

Butterbur & Sage Ltd - read the interesting info by Bernie Hephrun

Essential Oil University - an online essential oil database,
Essential oils and small scale distillation equipment

Rivana Ltd - a manufacturer of essential oils, carrier oils
& Aromatherapy items

Pure Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy Products
from Kathryn Anne in the UK


Aromatherapy Registration Council
International Federation of Aromatherapists - information on accredited schools, events and membership.
International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) - professional association for aromatherapists, playing a leading role in UK practice and training.
National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy - educational organization devoted to aromatherapy in the United States.

1st-Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy information & products
Golden Moor Inc. - offering beauty products, mud baths, masks, and cream.
4 Natural Aromatherapy - sells aromatherapy products, essential oils, diffusers, bath gels, massage oils, and gift baskets.
AcneHelper.com - On this site you can find ways to not only to treat acne, but prevent it before it occurs
Adriaflor Essential Oils - wholesaler and retailer of essential oils and hydrosols.
Aeron Drive Time Aromatherapy System - plug-in unit for standard cigarette lighter that diffuses scents of aromatherapy.
AGORA, The Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives
Agri-Growth International Inc. - therapeutic-grade essential oils
Air Aroma - essential oil mixtures and a unique diffusion system.
Alexander Essentials - wholesale and retail essential oils, aromatherapy products, herbal bodycare.
Alternative Therapies Centre
Ambrosia Essential Oil and Herbal Healing Centre - Winnepeg, MB, Canada
Amphora Aromatics Ltd. - wholesaler of essential oils and aromatherapy products.
Angel Scent Aromatherapy - aromatherapy for you or your pet
Appalachian Valley Natural Products - Anatolian Treasures™ Teas, Essential oils & more
Aquarius Aromatherapy & Soap - essential and fragrant oils, color pigments, molds, and other natural soapmaking and aromatherapy supplies, wholesales handmade soaps and lotions.
Arlys Naturals - A neat site with lots of good stuff
Aromablast - Canadian source for professional massage therapy supplies, spa supplies, soap making supplies
Aromacaring - Jane Ellwood's site on Aromatherapy & Health techniques ( A Must see Site)
Aroma Direct - a variety of aromatherapy and beauty products.
Aromatherapy Health and You - Aroma Health Tips
Aroma M - aromatherapy products only using organic oils.
Aroma Medica - aromatherapy products.
Aroma Shoppe, The - aromatherapy supplies.
Aroma Solutions - bath oil and salts, beauty care and health products.
Aroma Studio - essential oils and accessories. Home study certification for retailers, teacher training materials, and books.
Aromantic - natural raw materials, equipment, courses, Aromantic Education Packs and high quality, ready-made, natural skin care products
Aromatherapy - by It's My Nature - relaxation and stress-relief products, including dried herbs, pure essential oils, eye pillows, dream pillows, diffusers, and gift sets.
Aromatherapy.tv - essential aromatherapy products, including pure Essential Oils, aromatherapy accessories, a pamper-yourself body care range and a wide range of aromatherapy gifts
Aroma Therapy Website.com - essential oils, aromatherapy gift sets, oil burners, diffusers, massage blends, etc.
Aroma Tours - aromatic journeys worldwide.
Aroma Thyme - essential oils, books, candles, etc.
Aroma Trading Limited - organically certified essential oils, vegetable oils and related products
Aroma Véra - aromatherapy products.
Aroma-Pure - essential oils, diffusers, and carrier oils.
Aroma Beautiful - Essential oils & Aromatherapy products from an expert on the subject
Aromafloria - gels, lotions, mineral bath salts, inhalation bars, etc.
Aromagica - aromatherapy to help lose weight, fight stress, sleep, quit smoking, and more.
Aromaland, Inc. - aromatherapy and essential oil products, bath salts.
Aromaleigh - aromatherapy products for pampered pets and their humans.
AromaMax - airpurifier and aromatherapy generator based on revolutionary, 'Ozone', science
AromaSpas.com - steam aromatherapy baths for health and relaxation.
Aromatherapy Associates - natural products to relax, soothe and energise the body, mind and spirit.
Aromatherapy Essentials - bath & body products.
Aromatherapy for You - essential oils, aromatherapy products and gifts, and a variety of personalized aromatherapy services
Aromatherapy New Zealand
Aromatherapy Products - Incense, Oils & Candles
Aromatherapy Products Limited - manufacturer of Tisserand essential oils.
Aromatic Plant Project - encourages the growing and distillation of true essential oil plants in the United States for the production of hydrosols and essential oils and to educate consumers as to the appropriate and beneficial uses of these natural aromatherapy products.
Atar Aromatherapy - supplier of oils and Irish hand made products.
Augustus Oils - essential oils, flavours, fragrance ingredients, concretes, absolutes, etc.
Aunt Vi's Garden - vibrational healing bodycare products, aura sprays with a color for each chakra.
Australian Botanical Products Pty Ltd
Frontier - Aura Cacia - essential oils and aromatherapy products.
Auroma, Inc. - essential oils, massage, facial, and carrier oils.
Aurora Ice Aromatherapy Candles
A World of Aromatherapy
Base Formula Essential Oils - 100% Pure essntial oils, base oils and aromatherapy products,, for natural health & skin care, Discount for members
Bassett Aromatherapy - essential oils, blends, French diffusers, personal care products, books, seminars.
Bathheaven.com - Bath Salts, Handcrafted Soap, Lavender Sachet
Bella Luccè - Indulge your senses. Transport your spirit. Nourish your skin with Bella Luccè
Beyond The Sea - health and beauty products online.
Bittersweet Soap Company - natural ingredient soaps, essential oils, incense, bath salts, etc.
Black Pearl Botanicals - All natural hand blended perfume, home spa and skin care products
Black Sheep Aromatherapy - online aromatherapy store; essential oils, natural remedies, handmade soap, bath preparations, skin therapy, face creams, and candles.
Body Garden, The - blended essential oils in spritzers, salt glows, massage oils, and lotions.
Botanical Bee - Natural and Handmade Bath and Body Care Products
Box Man, The - handmade boxes for storing aromatherapy, flower essences, and homeopathic products.
Breath of Life Natural Healing Center - aromatic bath and body products.
Butterbur & Sage Limited - Essential oils for aromatherapists.
Camden-Grey Essential Oils - essential oils/related products,bottles, disposable pipettes, carrier oils, etc.
Celebrations of Nature - shea butter, avocado oil, rose hip, sunflower, and vitamin rich wheat germ lotions and handcrafted soaps.
Chylands ONATUREL - Natural Beauty Product Making Supplies
Coconut Coast Natural Products Handmade Soap Co. - hand made all natural soaps
Coral Moon International - aromatherapy and bodycare products.
Country Rose Soap Co Ltd. - Handcrafted all natural Herbal Soaps, Bath and Beauty Products.
Countryside Fragrances - aromatherapy, home fragrances, wardrobe sachets, essential oils, decorative room air fresheners, bulk herbs and spices.
Denise Brown Aromatherapy - essential and carrier oils, base products, etc.
Desert Alchemy
Deserving Thyme - skin care and aromatherapy products, including infusions, essential oils, home spa kits, and seduction kits.
Destress and Relax - learn about stress and learn about ways to de-stress and relax to be a happier, healthier you!
Dreaming Earth Botanicals - essential oils, carrier, and massage oils, flower waters, etc.
Earth Solutions - aromatherapy diffusers for the home and car.
Earth Tribe International - aromatherapy and plant oil products for physical and mental health and natural home care.
Earthsisters International - aromatherapy and bodycare products.
Eclipse Aroma Therapy Products
Eden Botanicals - unique botanical fragrances of exceptional quality
Elizabeth Van Buren - information on essential Oil purity through GC/MS analysis.
elizabethW - home fragrance items, perfume, candles, and body lotions and creams.
EO Products - essential oils and aromatherapy products.
Espace Nature - aromatherapy oils, diffusers, dried herbs, etc.
Essence Candles - scented handmade candles.
Essential Aura Aromatics - Organic essential oils distilled for therapeutic aromatherapy
Essential Day Spa - a place that helps restore wellness and beauty
Essential Health - base, mood, and therapeutic oils, as well as headlice treatments.
Essential Oil Company - aromatherapy products.
Essential Oil University
Essential Therapy - body care products. Also provides massage, waxing, and facial treatment services.
Eve Taylor Aromatherapy
Fields of Blue - aromatherapy products
Fleur Aromatherapy Limited - essential and carrier oils derived from plants, etc.
Flickering Candles - finest, most unique scented and unscented candles
Florapathics - Herbals, oils & aromatherapy
Forces of Nature - natural treatments for herpes, warts, cellulite, hemorrhoids, skin conditions, and soreness.
Fragrant Earth - aromatherapy specialists, perfumery and cosmetics.
Fragrant Endeavours - range of aromatherapy oils and perfumes.
Garden Apothecary - Aromatherapy Skin Care - essential oils, facial treatments, face & body creams & lotions, natural perfumes & gifts packs.
Georgia Rain - products made from pure essential oils, natural ingredients. Stores located throughout Ontario.
Ginger Tree, The - aromatherapy and potpourri products.
Grailstones - healing crystals, gemstones and other holistic health products.
Green Dragon Herbals - aromatherapy essential oil blends, massage oils, herbal amulets, and more
Greenfeet.com - Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Diffusers, Lavender Spa Collection, Eucalyptus Spa Products
Green Valley Aromatherapy Ltd. - pure essential oils, blends, hydrosols, natural skin care products, books, diffusers, essential oil bottles, etc.
Greyone - natural bath salts and sachets, powdered incense, herbal candles, essential oil blends, and cloth gift bags.
Gritman Corporation
Healing Garden
Healthwave, Inc. - The New Aroma Patch
Helloindya - Ayurvedic or other alternative medicine systems
Herbal Endeavours Ltd.
Herbal Healing - offers free holistic and alternative treatment advice
HerbalNet - herbal remedies and aromatherapy oils.
Herbal Serenity - ntergrating chinese and western herbal medicine, aromatherapy and essential oils into modern healthcare treatment
House Of Fragrance - body oils, brand name perfumes and colognes.
I Love Mice Elf - natural handmade soap, aromatherapy bath and spa products, bath salts, fused dichroic glass, spa accessories
Inner Sanctuary of Healing, Inc. - carrying oils, jewels, diffusers, eye pillows, candles, and personal massage blends.
Intuition Spa Salon - superior skin care products and anti-aging cosmetics
Iris Plus Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy treatments, oils and blends, skin care products
Kaliana's Creations - aromatherapy products.
Kobashi Essential Oils - essential and blended oils. Information on aromatherapy and individual oils.
L'Avenir - natural body care products for Cellulite, Eczema, Psoriasis, skin problems, etc.
Les Herbes, Ltd. - aromatherapy grade essential oils and aromatherapy products.
Leyden House, Limited - essential oils and blends, aromatherapy products, and diffusers.
Leydet Aromatics - aromatherapy supplies, blends, educational resources, seminars, classes and networking for the international community.
Liberty Natural Products, Inc. - over 850 quality botanical ingredients.
Life Aromatherapy - natural aromatherapy blends.
LorAnn Oils - aromatherapy, gourmet, and crafting products.
Massages by Diana Moss - Miami Beach, Florida
Massage Magazine Insurance Plus - Insurance for • Massage Therapists • Yoga Instructors • Cosmetologists • Estheticians • Nail Technicians • Animal Massage • Reflexologists • Kinesiology • Aroma Therapy • Breathing Work • Reiki • Dance Instructors
Meadowsweet - aromatherapy and bodycare products.
Mary Jane's Aromatherapy - mists, massage oils, bath salts, and lotions.
Maxi's World - bath soaps and aromatherapy products.
Melusine Arom'Alchemy - aromatherapy certification, teleclasses, essential oils, holistic blends, astrological perfumes, bath products, etc.
Moonhawven - therapeutic aromatherapy products.
Muti Oils - aromatherapy products for pregnant women and babies.
Natural Frequency - handmade jewelry that diffuses aromatherapy essential oils.
Natural Sense - essential oils, aromatherapy supplies, and carrier oils.
Natural Touch Ltd - aromatherapy and homoeopathic supplies.
Nature Made Scents - essential oils, incense, tea, and other aromatics.
Natures Choice Skin Care - Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Skin Care Products
Nature's Gift - aromatherapy essential oils.
New Directions - wholesale supplier of therapeutic grade essential oils, clays, soap, and accessories.
NewBorn Essentials - personal care products using therapeutic grade essential oils. Information on aromatherapy and other natural healing means.
NHR Organic Oils - Certified organic and wild grown essential oils
Nilia Soap - quality natural environmentally-safe product lines
Novbeltec S.A. - rose hip and salmon oils for the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.
OilsOnline.com - Tisserand essential oils and aromatherapy products.
Oilganic - guide to wholesalers, retailers, and distillers of essential oils on the internet
Old Man Aromatherapy - products made in Northern New Hampshire.
One Planet - aromatherapy essential oils, candles, bath products, culinary herbs and spices, etc.
Organica Naturals - Handcrafted Herbal Soaps and Spa Products
Pastel Pines International - essential and fragrant products
Plantlife - botanically based, herbal soaps, oils, baby care, bath salts, body care products.
Plant Power - Canada, Essential oils
Point Shop - aromatherapy products including candles, incense, and oils.
Precious Collection Aromatherapy - natural aromatherapy products using pure essential oils.
Provence Scents - lavender based products and gifts.
Pure Aromatherapy - aromatherapy oils and other scented products.
Pure-Essence.com - aroma products, newsletter, and show schedule.
Quantum Alchemy - products and information on aromatherapy, candles, crystals, oils, herbs, incense, etc.
Quick Weight Loss - Australia - Specialising in online supplement retailing.
Quinessence - Aromatherapy pro ducts
Rainbow Meadow - essential oils and soapmaking supplies.
Real Dreams by Mom and Me - fragrant silk herbal and organic flax seed eye pillows.
Real Essences of Life
The Relax Center & The Relax blog - Maryland
Rivana Ltd - a manufacturer of essential oils, carrier oils & Aromatherapy items
Ruby Rose Creations - Handcrafted Skincare Products, pure essential oils
SassafrasOil.com - pure sassafras essential oil in small or bulk quantities.
Scentsible Aromatherapy
Sensibility Soaps, Inc. - uniquely formulated, natural, bath, body and spa care products
Shadow and Light Aromatherapy - aromatherapy candles, bath and body lotions, incense, and soaps blended from all natural essential oils, herbs, and botanicals.
Sierra River - products made with natural ingredients, aromatherapy scents, pure essential oils, soaps with honey.
Singleherbs.org - dietary products and health supplements.
Solstice Soaps - handmade natural soap using the cold process method.
Something Special - candles and aromatherapy products.
d aromatherapy sprays.
Spa Factory Bali - skin care, beauty, wellness, bath, prodSovereign Light Foundation Trust - vibrational crystal elixirs anucts, cosmetics, private label, franchise, essential oils
SpiritGlow.com - therapeutic scented candles, soaps, and oils, indoor fountains and wind chimes.
Splash Beauty Handmade Soap & Bath Products - Handmade soaps, bath and beauty products including bath oils, natural soaps, bath bombs and more
Suds N' Scents Inc. - Soap Making and Beauty Supplies
Sun's Eye Oils - essential oils, illustrated candles, greeting cards, accessories for fragrance.
Sunspirit Oils
Susan’s Soaps & More
M.J. Health & Beauty - Australia
Taylor Made Herbs and Aromatherapy - all natural organic skin care products
Terra Firma Botanicals - certified organically grown and harvested herbs, tinctures, massage oils
Terressentials - natural and organic personal care products
The Guide to Aromatherapy
The Soap Opera - line of perfume-making supplies, pure essential oils, soaps, complexion and hand care products.
Timbrys P'air'adise - incense, essential oil blends, burners and much more
Time Labs
Tir Na Nog Oils - Irish Aromatherapy company based in Dungarvan, Co Waterford, Ireland
Toona Essential Oils Pty.Ltd. - essential oils from a range of Queensland grown trees, including the backhousia citriodora.
Touched By A Scent - hand blended products for a variety of uses.
Tree Frog Farm - Flower Essences & Aromatherapy Products
Vickerey.com - bath & spa products
Victorie Inc. - Candles, Essential Oils, Anointing Oils, Soaps, Dead Sea Bath Salts, Mist Sprays, Biblical themes
West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy Inc. - offers home study courses.
White Flower Embrocation - an external application for soothing minor discomfort, commonly know as Pak Fah Yeow.
White Lotus Aromatics - organic essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, attars, and more
Witch Works - essential oils and absolutes combined with garden grown herbs and flower blossoms.
Your Aromatherapy - finest quality Essential Oils, Body Care products plus much more
Your Gentle Spirit - candles and essential oils.
Zandella - Organic Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca alternifolia Australia, All Natural, Aromatherapy, Impotence, Herbal Remedies
Zen Blend - Austin Massage Therapy: Spa quality Massage, voted Best Massage Austin, TX has to offer

*****AROMATHERAPY SCHOOLS - North America*****
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - Scottsdale
Windrose Workshops - Phoenix
American University of Complementary Medicine - Los Angeles
Ahern's Massage Therapy School - Mariposa
Aromatherapy Institute and Research - Fair Oaks
Aromatherapy Seminars - Los Angeles
Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing - Los Angeles
Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy School and Herbal Studies Course - San Francisco
Michael Scholes School for Aromatic Studies - Los Angeles
Ojai School of Massage - Ojai
Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy - San Rafael
Vitality Training Center - Solana Beach
Aromaflex Centre of Healing Arts - Ottawa, Ontario

Centre for Complementary Health Education - Mount Royal College - Calgary, Alberta

West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy - Maple Ridge, BC
Aromatica Centre for Natural Therapies & Holistic Study - Windsor, Ontario
Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists - Lakeside, Ontario
Canadian National School of Aromatherapy - Mississauga, Ontario
Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology - Scarborough, Ontario
Earth Songs Aromatherapy Centre - Calgary, Alberta
Mississauga School of Aromatherapy & Natural Therapy - Mississauga, Ontario
Mitchell Institute of Certified Aromatherapy - Kingston, Ontario
Raedunphy - True Essence Aromatherapy - Calgary, Alberta
Real Essences of Life - Vancouver, BC
West Wind School of Aromatherapy - Toronto, Ontario
Kal Kotecha Academy
Artemis Institute of Natural Therapies - Boulder
Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy - Boulder

Connecticut Institute of Herbal Studies - Newington

Academy of Healing Arts - Lake Worth
Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy - Tampa

Blazing Star Herbal School - offers unique and exciting programs in herbal studies

Center for Holistic Botanical Studies - Westford

...........Spring Renewal - Saugatuck
New Hampshire
Quality of Life Associates - Hampstead

New Jersey
Institute for Therapeutic Massage - Tinton Falls, Pompton Lakes, Newark
Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies - Collingswood
Institute of Aromatherapy - Denville
Morris Institute of Natural Therapeutics - Denville

New York
American Institute for Aromatherapy & Herbal Studies - Huntington
Aroma Studio - Warwick
New York Open Center - New York

North Carolina
Aroma Science Institute - Raleigh

Healing Heart Herbals - Newark
Ohio Academy of Holistic Health - Xenia

Australasian College of Herbal Studies - Lake Oswego

Heart of Herbs - Springfield

Institute of Dynamic Aromatherapy - Seattle
Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy - Issaquah

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