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Flavor-Base - 10th Edition is here

** Juice-Master ** Flavor-Base - 10th Edition ** Beverage-Master 2011 **

** VCF 2000 ** ESO 2000 (update 2006) ** PMP 2001 **

** FRM 2001 ** PFC 2002 ** Odour Thresholds ** 

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Flavor-Base 10



VCF 2000 - Volatile Compounds in Foods

ESO 2006 - Essential oils

PMP 2001 - Perfumery Materials

PFC 2002 - Perfume & Fragrance Classification

FRM 2001 - Flavor Raw Materials

Odour Thresholds

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A View of the Juice Selector Screen 

   Juice-Master International 2011.... is the only Excel template series that allows rapid and accurate development & conversion of Juice containing beverage formulations. For Beverage Formula Development, Quality Control, in-plant Beverage Trouble Shooting and Financial Analysis. Now formulas can be entered in either Metric or U.S. units with automatic conversion to other major unit formats. Both Metric and USA versions are provided.

The new Juice-Master provides an automatic printout of "NUTRITION FACTS" using the FDA labeling rules for beverages in the U.S..

Juice-Master is newly designed for Excel 2007 & 2010

Juice-Master 2004 has been redesigned to include many of the new ingredients used in beverage development.

View the Juice-Master Entry screen HERE

View the Juice Selector screen HERE

Juice-Master provides a quick and easy-to-use solution to numerous beverage problems. In a few minutes one can obtain "accurate" answers to complex beverage calculations that formerly took hours to solve accurately.

For those in beverage development, manufacturing, quality control or financial analysis - Juice-Master is the answer.

Juice-Master is the Juice beverage expert. SAVES TIME & MONEY and IMPROVES QUALITY.

Juice-Master is used by some of the worlds largest beverage and flavor companies

Overview of Program Features

* Provides accurate selection of Juice percentages from standard juice concentrates in the Juice database utilizing the new FDA juice standards for any beverage quantity and throw.

* Quickly generates laboratory formulas for those involved in beverage development.

* Automatically calculates syrup Baume, syrup true Brix (% solids), observed syrup hydrometer and refractometer values as well as finished beverage true brix and observed refractometer brix. Even makes corrections for Juice and sweetener blends.

* Automatically provides the NUTRITION FACTS printout in the new FDA required labeling format for any standard container size from 6 oz to 3 liter as well as Metric nutritional information. Allows entry of beverage water sodium and potassium content as well as calculating other nutrients from juice concentrates.

* Automatically calculates comparative ingredient per case costs for any Juice and sweetener blend and compares this to each of the other commonly used sweeteners.

* Quickly determines alternate Juice and sweetener formulations - provides accurate conversions for any commonly used sweetener (dry sugar, liquid sucrose, medium invert, HFCS-42 and HFCS-55).

* Automatically provides specified solids adjustments when switching from sucrose to medium invert to HFCS sweeteners, if desired. Switch from one sweetener to another with a single keystroke to print out alternative formulas.

* Automatically provides corrected syrup formulations for incoming sweetener Brix (or % solids) variations for juice & sweetener blends.

* Automatically provides Titratable Acidity values for beverages from acids and juice concentrates utilized and corrects titratable acidity values for measured water alkalinity. User can specify any two commonly used acids in formula (i.e., Citric, Malic, Tartaric, Acetic, 75% Phosphoric, 85% Phosphoric or Caramel Colors) in addition to acid contents in juices.

* Automatically provides accurate case yields.

* Automatically provides Percent beverage composition in the form required when shipping beverages internationally.

* Formula printouts are modifiable to your ingredients & format.

 System Requirements:

A PC computer running Windows 98, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Excel version 2007 or 2010 is required.

 PRICE: U.S. $1035.00 - This product price is for a non-exclusive license granting rights to use the Juice-Master program and product files on one (1) personal computer or work station at a time. A separate license agreement and fee is required for each personal computer or work station on which the product is used. For each additional user at the same location add U.S. $300.00.

Current registered users of Beverage-Master qualify for an upgrade to Juice-Master at U.S. $400.00.

Download the Juice-Master 2011 Demo for Excel

To order or for demos - write or Email:

Phone: + 1 770 8895111 ....Fax: +1 770 8870089
Email: leffingwell@mindspring.com

or Now Purchase online

 Juice-Master 2011 International is a product of Leffingwell & Associates.

 Copyright © by Leffingwell & Associates


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Flavor-Base 10th Edition
Juice-Master 2011
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VCF 2000 - Volatile Compounds in Foods
ESO 2006 - Essential oils
PMP 2001 - Perfumery Materials
PFC 2002 - Perfume & Fragrance Classification
FRM 2001 - Flavor Raw Materials
Odour Thresholds

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