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Molecular Structures 
Ethyl formate ...C3H602
Odor Detection Threshold (in water) = 150,000 ppb
Ethereal, fruity, rum-like

Ethyl Acetate...C4H802
Odor Detection Threshold (in water) = 5000 ppb
Ethereal, sharp, wine-brandy like odor

Ethyl propionate...C5H1002
Odor Detection Threshold (in water) = 10 ppb
Strong, ethereal, fruity, rum-like odor and taste

Ethyl butyrate...C6H1202
Odor Detection Threshold (in water) = 1 ppb
Ethereal, fruity odor; buttery, ripe fruit notes

Ethyl valerate...C7H1402
Odor Detection Threshold (in water) = 1.5 ppb
Strong, fruity, apple-like odor and taste

Ethyl hexanoate...C8H1602
Odor Detection Threshold (in water) = 1 ppb
Strong, fruity, winey odor; apple, banana, pineapple notes

Ethyl heptanoate...C9H1802
Odor Detection Threshold (in water) = 2.2 ppb
Strong, fruity, winey, cognac-like odor and taste

Ethyl octanoate...C10H2002
Flavor Detection Threshold (in water) = 15 ppb
Fruity, winey, sweet odor; cognac-apricot taste

Ethyl nonanoate...C11H2202
Odor Detection Threshold (in wine) = 850 ppb
Fatty, oily, cognac, nut-like odor; oily, fatty-fruity taste

Ethyl decanoate...C12H2402
Odor Detection Threshold (in wine) = 510 ppb
Sweet, fatty, nut-like, winey-cognac odor

Ethyl dodecanoate...C14H2802
Flavor Detection Threshold (in beer) = 2000 ppb
Oily, fatty, floral with fatty fruity taste

Ethyl myristate...C16H3202
Flavor Detection Threshold (in beerr) = 2000 ppb
Weak, fatty odor

Ethyl palmitate...C18H3602
Odor Detection Threshold (in water) = >2000 ppb
Faint, waxy, sweet odor; nearly tasteless; creamy mouthfeel

Data abstracted from Flavor-Base 98
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